Little Monsters is the story of a father and son who love to eat and have fun. Like all 4 year old children, the son loves to play with his friends, run, learn, do silly things,… but above all, he is Cookie Monster. All parents know the difficulty of feeding healthy food to the kids who are often more attracted to chocolate and candy, right? This is why the father took on the challenge with his son to create a healthy and delicious snack range in order to share their love for food while eating balanced.


It is from this collaboration between a father and his son that Little Monsters was born, vegan, organic snacks made from 100% Belgian products.

As for the taste, the duo agreed on a fruit-vegetable mixture and for once, they left the chocolate aside! The ranger was tested and approved by the little chef. The big chef then carried out several tests in the kitchen to ensure a product of optimal quality and in line with the objective of the project. The packaging, meanwhile, is designed to make life easier for parents. Indeed, the cookies will be sold in boxes of five sachets, enough to allow children to last all week.