A new kind of
kids snack

Healthy kids snacking range
made with fruit and vegetables


Tested by the parents, loved by the kids, the biscuits are the new healthy snack for kids. 

Made with fruit and vegetables, the biscuits contain no sugar, no palm oil and are a source of calcium.

The small portions of 25 gr are perfect for your kids to take to school, sports activities or just to share with their friends !


School proof & TOP 8 ALLERGEN FREE


  teach them young about our precious planet ! 

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1% of our total sales we donate to dedicated environmental organisations. We have to give back to our precious planet and learn this to our next generations. Teach them young on how to preserve Mother Nature so that they can pass this tradition to their future generations.

Our products are always organic, vegan, and free from the top 8 allergens—but that’s not all. We have meticulously curated each and every recipe to find the perfect combination of ingredients that are safe for those with food allergies, healthy AND absolutely delicious. Explore the fruits, vegetables and more that make Little Monsters® safe and better-for-you products.

  It Starts With the Ingredients ... 

Peter, head buyer

This is exactly what was missing in the biscuits shelves in our national stores.

Delphine, mom of 2

So happy to have found this new healthy kids brand approved by my squad !

Clara, teacher

The perfect brand for the cookie break in my class !

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